Grand Rose Champagne

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Founded in Ay in 1584 Champagne Gosset is the oldest wine house in Champagne and has been owned by the Renaud Cointreau family since 1993. Continued excellence is ensured by Odilon de Varine, Gosset Cellar master. This Cuvée is almost a vintage as only a minimal amount of reserve wines has been added.
This Cuvée has a soft and flowing hue of salmon pink with a few ruby-cherry reflections. The nose is clearly marked by the strawberries both the fresh fruit and as jam. Wild red cherry, redcurrant and with a hint of grapefruit dominate the palate. The mouth is well structured with a constant tension between freshness and a fruity roundness.

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What does this wine taste like?

This wine features Red fruit, Citrus & Ageing notes.

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We think that this fantastic sparkling wine from Gosset would pair amazingly well with the following foods - enjoy!

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Located in Champagne · France

The oldest wine house in the Champagne area, Champagne Gosset can trace its roots back to 1584, when Pierre Gosset, lord of Aÿ, first established a wineseller here. Since then, the story has unfolded over 16 generations, all of whom have had a part to play in the development......

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