About Us

We are an independent wine merchant with over a decade-long history of sourcing, selling and delivering delicious wines from around the world. My team are formed from a bunch of like-minded individuals, who all love tasting, drinking (there is a difference!) and talking about wine.

Here’s the “clicks” to our “bricks” but if you’d prefer to chat about wine, just call us at one of the shops.

I hope you love the wines you order and that we’ll see you at one of our events soon.




I set up The Vineking in 2003 from the proverbial kitchen table, having worked for a series of great but more traditional merchants, I wanted to do something different. The idea was to provide a more specialist retail offering, with the knowledge that there were customers out there who wanted delicious, rather than industrial wines. From the very outset, The Vineking motto has been “great wines, no nonsense” and this concept has been our guiding light.

Over the years I have managed to persuade many other like-minded souls to The Vineking Banner and having the right people is key. We might appear to be a little haphazard in our recruiting style (read on!) but it sure seems to have worked so far and my thanks go to all those who have joined me in the past too, as each one has helped make The Vineking, what it is today.

The joy of wine is an ever-changing subject, so join us and hop on board for a great vinous journey!



I joined the Vineking in late 2012, coming from a background in hospitality where I looked after weddings, events and restaurants etc. The funny thing was, I only popped into The Vineking, to pick up a couple of cigars to toast my cousin’s first child and twenty minutes later, I left with a job. I maintain, it is Erik’s greatest upsell!

So, seizing upon my previous hospitality experience, I quickly became involved in setting up and running Reigate’s Pop-Up Restaurants, whilst also taking on the role as no.2 in Reigate’s Church Street shop. Soon, convinced I might know what I was doing, I was left to run the store as manager and it’s all worked out pretty well!

Please contact me for any event management needs you might have, from the simplest “how much booze do I need” to us even running the whole event for you. We can look after anything from a perfect private dinner or an entire wedding.

The Vineking Charitable Contribution

Giving back and sustainability are an important part of our ethos. For years we have done this with voucher and bottle donations, hosted tastings, spare change pots in our stores and over the years have supported many local charities, including the brilliant SportinMs, PSDS, ShootingStar and Loveworks (to name a few).

Now we wanted to do just a little more, by bringing our passionate team to the fore.

Every month, we will support a new charity chosen by a member of our team. This charity is close to their hearts.

It’s important to us that we give back to causes we hold dear and to support the incredible work they are doing.

Supporting a new charity every month enables us to work with a wide range of amazing organisations, working across every sector.

For one weekend of every month, we will donate 5%* of all sales made from our website to the chosen charity – every order placed over the whole weekend, big or small.

Our team member will be sharing with you why they support their chosen charity.

*Net Sales

Upcoming charity weekends:

  • 31st July - 1st August: Endangered Rhino Conservation chosen by Kate (Social and Sustainability manager)
  • 4th - 5th September: A charity chosen by Hamish (Church Street store Manager)
  • 9th - 10th October: Mental health charities in support of World Mental Health Day on 10th October chosen by Chloe (Purchasing and Website Exec)

This month’s charity is Endangered Rhino Conservation


Endangered Rhino Conservation (ERC) supports rhino conservation efforts in South Africa by providing vital funding for anti-poaching units. ERC’s mission is to end rhino poaching through assisting anti-poaching teams, veterinarians, conservationists, and air support teams who work tirelessly every day to fight for the rhino’s survival.

The poaching of rhinos for their horns is driving the species to extinction, a species that has been around for 50 million years. In the last decade, nearly 10,000 rhinos have been killed through poaching, leaving all five species of rhino worldwide endangered.

Protecting rhinos from poaching is a 24/7 job, carried out by brave and resilient rangers. The costs involved in maintaining fences, employing rangers, patrolling large areas of land, and veterinarian bills mean that keeping rhinos is an expensive undertaking. The ERC helps rhino owners afford these costs and carry on working to protect the species.

“I have spent time in South Africa working with rhinos and seen the devastation caused by rhino poaching. Rhinos are important for the ecosystems in which they live, and it is important to protect them in their natural habitat. ERC work closely with conservationists in South Africa to ensure event penny benefits both the rhinos and the people working with them. I have chosen to support them for these reasons, and because the coronavirus pandemic has hit rhino owners hard, as most of their income comes from tourism which has been halted. Now more than ever, they need our support.” – Kate