Located in Champagne · France

The oldest wine house in the Champagne area, Champagne Gosset can trace its roots back to 1584, when Pierre Gosset, lord of Aÿ, first established a wineseller here. Since then, the story has unfolded over 16 generations, all of whom have had a part to play in the development of Aÿ-Champagne.

Never resting on its laurels, Gosset joined the Renaud-Cointreau family group in 1993 and then added an Epernay estate to its portfolio in 2009 – this tree-filled park has become both a production location and a fabulous hospitality venue where guests can taste Gosset’s wines in beautiful surroundings.

The constant search for perfection continues, with the team painstakingly selecting grapes from around the Champagne area to produce the finest blend possible for that vintage. As such, the house has established strong relationships with 160 winegrowing families, who supply grapes from around 140 hectares of land around the region.

A well-practised vinification method aims to preserve the freshness of the grapes, to extract the best aromas while avoiding malolactic fermentation. A long maturation process follows, giving the wines a distinctive character. The age-old expertise and attention to detail of this company have made it a permanent member of ‘French Excellence’ since 2010, and won it a Living Heritage Company award from the French Government in 2013.