2021 Old Vine Cinsault

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Single bottles: £10.99

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Contemporary wines celebrating traditional South African cultivars and the re-introduction of the Percheron to work the vineyards. Percheron is a breed of French heavy horse traditionally used when many of these prized old plots were first established – they are now enjoying a resurgence in South Africa as their hooves are gentler to the soil and surrounding vines. 

Bright, expressive, gently savoury on the nose and the colour of a freshly slapped arse. Along with its blushing hue, the palate rewards with fresh pomegranate flavour and acidity, savoury gamey notes, and a bright, beating heart of cherry ripe fruit. Slightly chilled with pink duck, pink lamb or carpaccio of beef, this is a beautifully defined expression of South Africa’s most achingly fashionable varietal. 

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What does this wine taste like?

This wine features Red fruit, Black fruit & Earthy notes.

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We think that this fantastic red wine from Percheron would pair amazingly well with the following foods - enjoy!

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2021 Percheron Old Vine Cinsault
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Located in Western Cape · South Africa

The image of the noble steed on the wine labels – and indeed the name itself – give something of a hint that Percheron is a winery that really values tradition. The Percheron is a French heavy horse breed that was widely used when many of the Western Cape’s......

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