Wines on Tasting in Weybridge on 01/04/16

01 April 2016

This weekend in Weybridge, were going for a couple of different but very interesting things;

2014 Vinho Verde Vilacetinho £8.99 /2 for £15!

This wine has some lovely citrus and white fruit aromas, on the palate these come through with some hints of tropical fruit adding to the mix, resulting in a fresh, smooth and extremely enjoyable glass of wine.

2013 Manoire du Carra Fleurie £16.99 / 2 for £30.00

A wonderfully intense red colour, with loads of red fruit and subtle hints of peony, violet and cinnamon. Combine these with soft and silky tannins, a lovely touch of acidity and you get a stunning glass of wine.  

And not forgetting;

2015 Idyll 'Achinos Rose, La Tour Melas, Achinos, Greece

Fresh, elegant with pretty red fruit notes and citrus on the nose.  On the palate this wine is deliciously smooth and polished with the a fresh balance and a delightfully long finish. Could it be that it's even better than Miraval and Whispering Angel?


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