Wines on Tasting in East Molesey 28.10.16

28 October 2016

What a busy week – we’ve been launching a couple of things, notably our Perfect Pairing project. The board is up, and Olivia was this week’s winner. One glass-credit for when she is next instore! 

Entry is simple. Buy a bottle, cook a meal you think goes perfectly with it. After taking a picture of the Perfect Pairing, tag us in the images (@thevineking) with the hashtag #vkperfectpairing and add a line describing what you are eating – then come in and enjoy your free drink!

On the Vinebar this week…

2015 Rock Angel £7/glass
Sacha Lichine at the top of his game, the Rock Angel sits just above the Whispering Angel in his stable of beauties. A pale, barely-there pink, with a pure, youthful nose that is both fresh yet intense on the palate. Oodles of that crushed fruit so familiar, and a barely perceptible richness: this stunning rosé is dangerously lovely!

2011 Gevrey-Chambertin, Dom. Kohut £7.50/glass
Having decided to take our Coravin system out for a ride Dom Kohut was top of the list. Full and rich with aromatic spices, gaminess and plum. Shedloads of ripe red fruit held under control by some classy oaking, this glossy, polished Gevrey shows Burgundy where it’s at.

2013 Les Coteaux Cotes du Rhone £4/glass
Getting into Autumn and it’s time to pull out some of the old favourites. Les Coteaux has been drunk by us since the company started, and it’s still rocking. Mainly Grenache-syrah, a big juicy style, loads of fruit and a farmhouse-kitchen styling leaves you full of cheer. A real favourite.

2015 Pecorino, Terre de Chieti £5/glass
Very fresh in the glass, Pecorino is one of those wines which had a lucky escape from eternity: with just a few acres left under plantation in the early nineties, a couple of terrible winters (or, gulp, the Big P) could have seen us without any vines left. Luckily, a number of viticulturalists saw the quality of the wines and decided the rest of the world deserved to benefit

2011 Pintor, Barossa Tempranillo £6/glass
Big, plush oaky tempranillo from Barossa, this doesn’t so much sing from Rioja’s hymn-sheet as nick it, threaten it with a warm Foster’s in a back alley and run off with it’s ceremonial robe.
A complex nose of dark cherry and savoury charcoal aromas, followed by a lingering, even palate of sweet cherry, carab and all spice. In other words, rich, fruity, delicious!

2015 Zeppelin Riesling, Max Ferd Richter £5/glass
A slice of flaming glory from the Mosel. This vineyard’s Riesling was being quaffed on the Hindenberg as it fell from the sky into the history books. Absolutely stunning for the money, throwing off bolts of zesty apple and peach with an almost electric energy. Utterly sublime and an incredible entry into possibly the world’s grapest great.

V Prosecco, Valfonda £4/glass
It sparkles (sings and dances as well). Good natured happy fizz with a soft lemony edge. Definitely a glugger, but one you happily stop and taste as well as throw back.

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