Wines on Tasting in East Molesey 27.05.17

27 May 2017

Phew – what a scorcher. Being of a naturally indolent and immovable substance, summer causes the usual conundrums – like how to dodge effectively from shade to shade without spilling my drink; how to read effectively without the sun falling flat on the page, why everyone wants me to move all the time in the heat, why surely when the air rushes past me it cools me down, but that doesn’t work if I rush past the air; whether I’ve just hit the right key on the keyboard; how come this job list seems to be growing…..

Right – stop this, time for a glass of wine:

On the Vinebar:

2015 Whispering Angel - Fresh, clean with a mineral and peach/fresh strawberries texture to it. Sacha Lichine has claimed that making wine in Provence is a heck of a lot more fun than Bordeaux – and when you’ve got this to drink, who can disagree? £6/glass, £19.99/bottle

NV Nani Rizzi Prosecco - Good, well made prosecco with a clean fruity sense, plenty of bubbles and a gorgeously smooth mousse. Little brother to the award-winning Nani Rizzi Valdobbiadene, this is a little crackergem.£5/glass, £12.99/bottle

2015 Crossbarn Chardonnay, Paul Hobbs – to give a little plug to our wicked Hobb’s offer this week – believe me, without this life is nasty, brutish and short! A beauty of a glass with crisp acidity, apple blossom, tangerines and honeyed lemons. Definitely Californian (this ladies’ a showoff). £8.00/glass, £33.99/bottle – BUT £26/bot by the offer – awesome stuff!

2015 Pinot Bianco, Nals Margreid -  Fruit and citrus blossom lead the nose on this bright, direct white. Tangerine zest and a hint of mineral alongside brisk acidity – light, delicate and delicious. Lovely stuff! £5.50/glass, £16.99/bottle

2014 Mercurey, Domaine Belleville – A deliciously balanced style of Mercurey, light enough to drink in the sunshine with sharp acidity lending this freshness, dark berry fruit infused with Earl Grey tea to give a bit of oomph and a good sense of classical burgundian style. £7.50/glass £24.99/bottle

Right – that’s better. Five glasses down and time to actually say something. What’s on my mind at the moment is bottles. Big bottles to be precise, spurred by the number of decent offers flying around for magnums or larger. I don’t understand what people have against a larger bottle – perfect for a dinner party; why open two smaller bottles when one will do.

Magnums have distinct advantages:

  1. The greater liquid/surface area ratio means that wine ages more evenly and slowly. If you are looking to lie wine down for a few years – magnums are your friends.
  2. Thicker glass means they break less frequently. This is possibly only something I actually consider when buying for myself, being a klutz of the first order, but surely this is worth thinking about?
  3. Ecologically friendly – less production costs!
  4. They look seriously cool on the table!
Alright, I know this is less than serious now – but magnums are great fun – we have a nice range instore – keep them in mind next time you want something slightly different!

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