Wines on Tasting in East Molesey 18.03.17

%o March 2017

2016 Rimauresq Rosé  - £17.99/bottle, £6.50/glass – just arrived, straight from the south of France having stopped off at Marseilles for some sunshine. Named for the river which flows through the vineyards at the foot of the Massif des Maures, Rimauresq-arrival-time is something I always look forward to. Fine frolicsome flavours of red currents and wild red berries complete the bottle, laced with a minerality which pays tribute to the longer growing season engendered by the cool Mistral winds and the shade of the mountains.
2013 Eddystone Point Pinot Noir, £12.99/bottle, £60/six-pack, £5.00/glass
Glugging Pinot from a vineyard at the extreme end of Tasmania. Rich, warm and fruity in the glass, perfect for those who need that bit of added warmth to turn early spring into sunshine. Delicious – grab a case deal while they are here!
2014 Sables & Galets Pinot Gris - £16.99/bottle, £6.50/glass
Fat Pinot Gris from the boys and girls at Cave de Turckheim. Rich spicy apple and pear, and a kiss of sweetness away from dry. This superb wine is a poster boy for why everyone should embrace Alsace as a brilliant place for decent drinking!
Event Availability – tickets for April are at the last gasp, but never fear – May will soon be here, and there is the Bordeaux Evening – fancy some serious wine? Come along!
12th April 2017
Lamb & Rioja
£80pp 4 tickets left!
26th April 2017
Popup Restaurant
£65pp 2 tickets left!
10th May 2017
Bordeaux Evening
£80pp Fine
24th May 2017
Popup Restaurant
£65pp - Fine

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