Wines on Tasting in East Molesey 15.10.16

15 October 2016

A plethora of things on tasting and by the glass here in East Molesey this weekend, and what's more, when you mix and match any three bottles from the tasting selection we'll give you our 6 bottle loyalty price!
(And prices per glass are £5 for Whispering, Mother’s Ruin and Felino, £4 for Rizzi & Cloud Factory)

2014 Mother’s Ruin Cabernet Sauvignon
Personally I think it’s a bit much to blame a delicious bottle of Cabernet for anyone’s ruin, but it is definitely worthwhile to see this engraving on a wine label! Smooth, deliciously elegant Cab with oodles of Mclaren vale plum and red fruits, this is a cracker of a bottle for the cooler weather.

2015 Felino Chardonnay
One of my all-time-favourite new world Chard’s which isn’t designed specifically for breaking ones wallet. Pear, peaches, passion fruit and pineapple, glorious white flower (yes, really – taste it and you’ll see) combine under Paul Hobb’s intelligently applied oak to give an impression of power under control.

2014 The Cloud Factory Pinot Noir
It’s not all cold and ‘orrible though, the sunshine reminds us that sometimes happy-juice is all that is called for. The Cloud Factory has that element of childhood dreams, Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang and steampunk in the name, strawberries and glossy red berries in the glass. Lighthearted, breezy and delicious!

2015 The Whispering Angel Rosé
Yes, it’s a rosé. Yes, it is Autumn. So? Rosé isn’t all about lieing back in suspicious sunglasses next to the pool – this is a Serious Wine which I would argue can both be glugged or seen like a white burgundy. Rich, opulent summer fruits with a lifted, beautiful freshness and acidity – the Angels beg with big eyes to be matched with roast chicken, duck or other poultry at a fine Autumn table.

NV Nanni Rizzi
Good, well made prosecco. This is me being a little more serious – tis the season to plan to be jolly – planning a big event and want people to enjoy drinking without breaking the bank? This little cracker is perfect. Ask instore about our large-case deals.

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