Wines on Tasting in East Molesey 03.02.17

03 February 2017

So – now January is behind us it’s time to sniff the year ahead and think about the important questions in life:

What did I drink last year and really enjoy?
What do I want to drink this year?

This might sound a little limited to some, so to broaded the question lets include beers and spirits as well as wine – what? Still narrow? Ah well – throw in fortifieds, liqueurs, odd fruit-style concoctions and the unexpected jalapeno cherry* into the blend as well – We’re equal-opportunities merchants, definitely.

So, at EM we’ve been following a course very much of SIAS** with a lot of what we do, so having now spent a bit of time thinking about this, we’ve decided events shall go through the roof. Little events, big events, events of interest to just five people and others which we have to stack interested guests five deep to keep up with command. We’re not seeing this as a major ticketing thing – from experience, once here that sorts out things by itself.
So to kick off –
Friday 10th February - East Molesey ----In Store ---- 7.30–9.00pm £5 per person on the door

An evening demonstrating the fine art of butchery, in pursuit of the noble goal of delicious eating. Our friends at PJ Dales Butchers are going to spend an evening showing us how to expertly carve a carcass into fine cuts fit for the table. Q&A, wines while you watch…come and join us!

Next week look for announcements concerning bakers, candlestickmakers, a museum and – er- a book launch. Oh and a Cocktail Speciality Evening.

Right, where was I? Oh yes – booze.

On tasting/On the Bar this week:
2015 Amauta Malbec, Mendoza, Argentina £7.50/glass, £12.99/bottle, 2 for £23.00
A Malbec from Salta. Some of the highest altitude vineyards in the world hail from this neck of the woods and this delicious glass of rich Malbec demonstrates the reasoning without any difficulty. Rich fruit, a delicious balance between the powerful tannins and acidity, this is a demonstration of the advantages of good air quality!
2015 Domaine Fournillon Bourgogne Blanc £7.50/glass, £13.99/bottle, 2 for £25.00
As a nod to our ongoing and increasingly popular Burgundy En Primeur Campaign – why not tintillate your tastebuds with this delicious Bourgogne Blanc? An uncomplicated early release from our main Chablis provider, Fournillon’s Bourgogne Blanc is light and fresh, crisp, easy to drink and shows all the rich fruit that separates out decent Chardonnay from the newcomers.

*One should never expect a jalapeno cherry. If you expect a jalapeno cherry in your drink it’s time to get back to G&T’s and leave the cocktails alone!
** Suck It And See

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