Wines on tasting in Church Street, 3rd September

%o September 2016

This week, a chance to try the new vintages of 2 old favourites.

2015 Pecorino, Tenuta Ulisse, Terre di Chieti, Italy
£13.99 per bottle 
£11.89 pb in a mixed 6
£11.19 pb in a mixed 12

Not cheese-flavoured wine! Pecorino is an indigenous grape to Abruzzo (half way down the right-hand side of Italy, opposite Rome). It came very close to becoming extinct but was rescued by a handful of worthy individuals. Amongst these were Tenuta Ulisse, whose mission is to produce top-quality wines that reflect the heritage of the region. It is dry, with peachy/tropical fruit nuances and medium acidity. As with so many Italian wines, it's great with food. 
2014 Valpolicella Ripasso, Campagnola, Italy
£17.99 per bottle 
£15.29 pb in a mixed 6
£14.39 pb in a mixed 12

Another Italian, this time from the Veneto in the north-east of the country. Vapolicella itself is quite a light red but the ripasso technique involves refermentation on what's left over once Amarone (a very powerful regional speciality) is made. What results is a delicious style that is a halfway-house between the two. Full, fruity and soft, it follows up with a lovely bitter-cherry finish. Again, a classic with something like pasta or a risotto.

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