Wines on Tasting in Church Street 03.02.1

03 February 2017

North vs South

Whilst the 2015 vintage in Burgundy is arguably going to be one of the most significant in recent years for red wines there has been mixed opinion about how good the whites are. Was it too hot? Was it too dry? Will the alcohol be too high and drown out the fruit? 

Well, we’re here to show you that despite the critics pooh-poohing there is epic white Burgundy available, and we’ve got some! Not only that, but given the terrible weather in 2016 we think you should snap these up before everyone else gets wise to the idea and the prices leap up. The trick to finding the best whites is looking for producers who took initiative and picked their grapes early. The warm weather set in early in 2015 and so it was a race between weather and growers; pick too early and you risk underdeveloped grapes with little flavour, pick too late and the sugar and alcohol levels soar and make for inelegant “flabby” wines.

Fortunately, this is an appellation rife with experienced winemakers with an almost sixth-sense about the weather, grapes and region in which they work and so we’ve got not one, but two examples of exceptional white Burgundy for you to try this weekend, one from the more northerly Cote D’Or and one from the very southerly tip of the Maconnais.

Why not stop in and have a taste so you too can indulge in what we think is an outstanding vintage across the board and tell us which you think is best, north or south? 

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