Wines on tasting at Vineking, Weybridge, 3rd September

03 September 2016

Summer is not over yet, the sun is still shining (just) and we have two delicious wines on tasting this weekend perfect for yet another BBQ!

2015 Ruppertsberg Riesling

From Biodynamic winemaker Weingut A. Christmann, Ruppertsberg is a small village at the heart of the Pfalz wine region that produces a remarkable proportion of the area's very finest wines. These are almost all made from Riesling, richer and riper in style. Great with seafood/thai or just on its own! Delicious wine that unites the beautiful landscape of Pfalz, the uniqueness of soils and climate as well as a family's passion.
£22.99 or 2 for £40.00!!

Holden Manz Visionaire 2012 

There is a new wine on the block (move over Chocolate Block)! 

The Visionaire wine has it all...bear with me....a blend of Cab Sav, Merlot, Shiraz, Malbec, Petit Verdot and Cabernet Franc. Always a bit sceptical about blends using 5-6 different grapes, but I thoroughly enjoyed this one. The saying about the whole is greater than the sum of its parts is never truer than in this case/bottle! Aromatic nose of spiced berries, violets and dark chocolate. Palate is rich cassis, berries, cherries, aromatic spices with lovely soft tannins and bright acidity which lifts the wine on the finish. Superb quality for the money!

Holden Manz wine farm will leave you breathless when you set your eyes on this astounding setting, with the awe-inspiring mountains overshadowing the farm in the Franschhoek valley below. The family estate is perfect for nurturing and growing fine vines, with the focus being on minimizing the use of chemicals in order to conserve the environment.

£15.99/btl mix6 £13.59 mix12 £12.79.
See you over the weekend

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