Wines on tasting at Vineking, Weybridge, 14th January

%o February 2017

2015 Domaine Gaelle & Jerome Meunier, Mercurey Blanc, 25.99
Mercurey is one of a cluster of villages just to the south of the Côte de Beaune; the Côte Chalonnaise. Here it tends to be a little warmer, so the whites - in this case Chardonnay, tend to be a little softer and rounder than their cousins in the Côte d’Or, but they retain a good dose of acidity to keep them fresh. This wine displays rich citrus fruits – lemons, sweet grapefruit with a nice creamy vanilla touch. It is all hand harvested and sorted, and the fruit is the focus with the oak used gently.

2012 Ghislain Kohut, Marsannay, Les Genelieres, £23.99 
Domaine Ghislain Kohut is a completely natural winery, using organic farming and indigenous yeasts. What they have created is an elegant and balanced  wine with loads of lemon zest, mineral and red apples with a touch of old wood box and spiciness on the nose. Clean and well balanced on the palate, there is no need for food here, but if you must, I’d suggest grilled chicken salad or lighter pork dishes.

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