Wines on tasting at Vineking, West Road, 3rd September

03 September 2016

2015 Menetou Salon Jean Colin Loire
£16.99p/b or 2 for £30
Whats this? A Sauvignon Blanc that I have put on tasting out of choice?  I am not normally the biggest fan but when produced on the limestone rich soils of Menetou to the west of Sancerre then there is a charm here that is not always evident in its more famous neighbour.

2013 Citerna Nero di Troia Puglia
£12.99 0r 2 for £22
"The vine is fairly vigorous, with lots of girth" - After seeing a description like that I thought that's the wine to taste this weekend.  I love all things Italian and this is no exception, classically southern in its rusticity but with a pulpy core of blueberry fruit and liquorice.


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