Wine on tasting in west road 24.12.16

24 December 2016

Well here we are, in the final throes of the festive madness with the big day almost upon us and a nap on the sofa with a big glass of something as our reward for all those trips to the high street for the inevitably forgotten gift tags and present for Uncle Bob. 

As ever at the Vineking we want to make things as easy as possible for you, we're the boozy elves who will make choosing wines for the festivities as painless as possible and even pour you a glass while you make up your mind. 

In the true spirits of "go big or go home" we'll be opening bottles here there and everywhere this weekend to make sure you get to taste as broad a range as possible and so that we can show off some of our top picks to get you through until we're open againon the 28th! 

Included in our open bottles will be: 

"The Mutt" - A sumptuous Cabernet Sauvignon from Hoopla in Napa Valley. Coming from their best selection of grapes in each harvest  This is a fruit dominated, succulent wine that pleases the palate. This red’s soft texture and mellow acidity along with bright fruit is a perfect companion to any meal, or to serve for a relaxed gathering of friends or family - if only you had such an occasion on the horizon! It's £24.99 per bottle, or £60 for 3.

Silice Cahors - We've long been fans of the original home of Malbec, Cahors in the south of France, and this Christmas it's one of our top picks for those of you enjoying richer meats such as beef or goose. With slighlty more structure than it's Argentine counterpart this wine matches beautifully not only with roasted meats, but also all the trimmings. What's more, we've dropped the price to include it in our French Pick n Mix case, where it can be mixed and matched with other French wines such as our house Chablis and a great drinking Bordeaux and brought down to only £12.50 per bottle (£150 per case of 12). 

Sticking with our French theme and for those of you longing for a fresher start to the festivies we've cracked open a bottle of Muscadet. Often overlooked it's a great contrast to the rich foods at this time of year and cleanses the palate ready for the next glass of something. Not only that but it's a perfect party wine to please a crowd so we're offering it at £75 per six back (usually £14.99 per bottle) 

We can't wait to share all these and more, along with some festive spirit on Christmas eve! 

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