Wine on tasting in East Molesey 29.04.17

%o April 2017

So, two further entries to the Perfect Pairing scheme – nice drop of Mediterranean influence coming through – if a pairing from one end of the sea to t’other. But who cares – great work, John & Caitlin.
And then a whiskyapple Terrine? Whatever it is, if paired with salted caramel sauce and Botrytised Semillon it gets my vote!

All gearing up for the summer tasting, which is going to be at the Mitre Hotel, sipping Chablis by the river. Or Greywacke. Or Malbec or cabernet or cabernet franc. Or Semillon….or about 80 other wines I could mention, all in a room together and begging to be tried. It should be a remarkably fun evening for just £15.00. Come and join us!
Tickets are here but disappearing quickly.
On the Vinebar this week:
2016 Whispering Angel £19.99, £5.50/glass – Probably the world’s favourite rosé. Fresh, clean with a mineral and peach/fresh strawberries texture to it. Sacha Lichine has claimed that making wine in Provence is a heck of a lot more fun than Bordeaux – and when you’ve got this to drink, who can disagree?
2015 Nals Margreid……………. £16.99, £5/glass – Yep, that’s correct – we haven’t named it. It’s a new one for us – we first tasted it a month ago and immediately shelled out for a pallet or two. Gorgeous fresh, from eighty-year-old vines in the South Tyrol – this is definitely a start-to-summer-style. Now, what do you think it is?
2015 Denmark Pinot Noir £22.99, £5.50/glass - Cool-climate, maritime Pinot with a delicious full body and not too much weight. Cherries & spice balanced with mushroom and liquorice; a perfect new world Pinot. Enjoy!

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