Wine on tasting in East Molesey 18.11.16

18 November 2016

So what a roistering good weekend that was – busy, insane, alcoholic – exactly the way we like it! Now the madness of tastings has finished we have started working through some of the Christmas wines which have begun to arrive. It’s been a couple of weeks since we last publicised the gastronomic talents of East Molesey, and I am shocked we have drawn a blank on entrants – have people stopped eating? Or worse, stopped drinking?
Either is unthinkable!

Right, so to break the deadlock and inspire some appetites – hereis Schotti with some seriously delicious Lemon-Pepper Chicken and albarino – one definitely highly-deserved glass to you, and here is a picture of my lunch – tortellini with ham and ricotta, courtesy of Kristian next door, with a delicious slurp of Ch. Belles Eaux ‘les Coteaux.’ (it would be a glass, but this is work, dammit!) Anyway for this monumental effort I award myself… ah drat. I now see the problem with this. I DON’T award myself a glass of wine. Anyway – come all yea thirsty with your camera and claim next week’s free drinks. Entry is either through emailing [email protected], tweeting us or Instagram #vkperfectpairing.

And just to titify – here is what is on the Vinebar this week:

2012 Cha. Belles Eaux ‘Les Coteaux’ £4/glass, £12.99 on the shelf or £60 six-pack
Absolutely delicious. A mid-weight GrenacheSyrahMourvedre (say that in a hurry!) which frankly oozes charm and social responsibility. This is a great little wine, beltlingly full of raspberry juice, toasty spice and a hint of black brackish brambles – delicious. And at this price? Don’t think twice!

2015 Chateau Saint-Roch Limoux Chardonnay £5/glass, £14.99 on the shelf or £75 sixpack
Rich, unctuous juice which wants to be Meursault so strongly you feel it’s feet have left the floor with the effort. Delicious, fresh and lively, with a  zip of peach, dry bread and dried stone fruit. Speaking seriously, this wine hits way above its weight and is a contender for the EM Value Bottle of the Year Award.

2012 Holden Manz Merlot £5/glass, £15.99 on the shelf.
It’s good plummy merlot with that definite S’Africa tint to it – if you like this style, you will definitely like this one! Ripe, rich and full, culminating in a great end of sweet fruit on a long finish. Perfect for keeping cold air firmly at bay.

2015 Pouilly Fumé, Jonathan Didier Pabiot £6/glass or £22.99 on the shelf
Maupassant has Jeanne drink nothing but PF while writing letters in the morning. Pale and refined, this is classic Pouilly-Fumé, with brooding mineral notes intermingling with the citrus fruit core. Definitely to be supped while sitting at an elegant writing table, the beading on the outside of the glass refracting morning light. Or, as you would have it, with some delicate, line-caught salmon and a citrus garnish…

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