Wine on tasting in East Molesey 18.02.17

%o February 2017

One of those weeks which roll past like a bowling ball. Lots of you are planning events for the summer, which is lovely – Max has been firing menu’s at me like some early form of cuisine-based machine-gun! Never fear though – plenty of time left. Do you have a party over the summer you would like to make sparkle with the VK? Email us at [email protected] if so!

What else? Well, a whole host of new items instore and some very exciting offers coming out. For all of those of you who have enjoyed the Hoopes wines on the winebar you can now see they are on the offer! And some sensibly-priced Zin as well – isn’t that something to make the heart sing? Well, mine does, being the Californiphile that I am….
Finally, after a long period of writing and shouting at international trade missions for various maps:
The Vineking Guide to Wine
Baffled by a supermarket wall of wine? Want to learn a little more about what is in your glass? Well this is for you! Come along to eleven sessions looking at the great regions of the world Each session covers a different region and their famous wines, assessing one grape against another and looking at questions of why some grapes are grown in some regions and not in others. Learn to pick out what you like from what you don’t and what is the real value and quality on the shelf, all delivered in a  light-hearted, convivial couple of hours!
£85 Golden Ticket – this special discounted ticket allows you to come to as many of the nights as you like – a perfect gift for someone looking to increase their wine knowledge!
£10 pp. Perfect if you want to focus on a particular region you haven’t explored before.
Each session is 7.30pm – 9.30pm.
Thursday 2nd March – Introduction – What Is Wine?
Thursday 23rd March – Location, Location, Location – why does it matter?
Thursday 27th April – Chile – Wines with altitude.
Thursday  11th May – France – why does France dominate wine?
Thursday 1st June – South Africa – Will we all be springboks soon?
Thursday 29th June – New Zealand – Style Icon or this seasons’ fashion?
Thursday 7th July – Italy – One nation, 3,000 grapes – The highlights.
Thursday 3rd August – Australia – Not just the home of the big and bold!
Thursday 24th August – Spain – Life beyond Rioja!
Thursday 14th September – Argentina – Red, white and South American estate
Thursday 5th October – Continental Europe – Riesling, Gewurztraminer and  - shock, horror, reds!
2015 The Scoundrel Shiraz, £14.99 or 2 for £26
A big rich thick Shiraz made by a mate of ours over in Cambridge, who shoots down to Barossa and sorts out this little gem with Rolf Binder and Magpie Estates. This is a huge oldstyley polished pepper blackcurrant cassis shiraz, made to commit blitzkrieg on your tastebuds and thrill the senses. An absolute hit at our Butchery demonstration last week, and rocking ever since!
2015 Domaine Bonnet Huteau Muscadet - Les Gautronnieres, £14.99 or 2 for £26
Mineral with crisp hard fruit, this is a real palette-cleanser of a wine, a delight to the senses in every fashion. Also a bit of a crowd-pleaser – this will suit all palettes!

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