Familia Zuccardi

2019 Los Olivos Chardonnay

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Some years before 1950, engineer Alberto ‘Tito’ Zuccardi arrived in Mendoza from Tucumán, the small province in northwest Argentina where his Italian grandparents had settled many years before. He began experimenting with new irrigation systems because, back then as is the case today, water management is strategic due to its scarcity. In 1963 he planted a vineyard in the Maipú region, aiming to show other neighbouring farmers how his irrigation system worked – and accidentally founded a vineyard.
Today Zuccardi is led by Sebastián Zuccardi. Following in the footsteps of his Grandfather, Sebastián’s aim is to create wines of great purity, firmly rooted in the terroirs of the Uco Valley, in the shadow of the Andes Mountains. The family makes wines that express their origin, the essence of their soils and the extreme climate conditions of the vineyards in the heart of every glass.
Created in honour of the noble olive tree, as much a part of the Zuccardi family as the vines themselves, these wines are a perfect introduction to the style of the Uco Valley, showcasing its wonderful minerality.
The 2019 Chardonnay is a beautiful balanced dry white wine with fresh peach and citrus aromas. Slightly oaked, this is no monster in the glass but instead shows a good level of European restraint. Excellent with fish or white meat.

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2019 Familia Zuccardi Los Olivos Chardonnay
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Located in Mendoza · Argentina

The wines produced by Familia Zuccardi come from the Uco Valley, the highest growing region in the Mendoza area. Vines here grow at altitudes of 3,200-4,800 feet above sea level, giving the grapes a broad spectrum of light along with cooler temperatures. This unique growing environment leads to a......

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