Familia Zuccardi

Located in Mendoza · Argentina

The wines produced by Familia Zuccardi come from the Uco Valley, the highest growing region in the Mendoza area. Vines here grow at altitudes of 3,200-4,800 feet above sea level, giving the grapes a broad spectrum of light along with cooler temperatures. This unique growing environment leads to a longer ripening season and higher natural acidity, with a further boost to complexity from the calcium carbonate-rich soils.

Such an environment brings many benefits – but also a number of challenges. The family have overcome these through cutting-edge processes such as electromagnetic conductivity testing and satellite imagery, alongside some good old-fashioned hard work to create five high-potential vineyards that supply their grapes.

As well as the main site, the family manages several other vineyards, giving them a total of 590 acres with a mix of soil types, altitudes and microclimates to create a collection of distinctive and characterful wines that showcase the best of their terroir.