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2012 Ried Trift St Laurent Burgenland


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St Laurent (a.k.a. Sankt Laurent) is a fascinating red grape variety so similar to Pinot Noir, that for some time the two were widely thought to be related. While this has since been found not to be the case, the similarity between the two varieties remains – so if you are a fan of Pinot Noir, you are certainly going to enjoy and appreciate a St Laurent.

Weingut Kiss is a small, family-run estate in Burgenland. Burgenland is the easternmost of Austria’s states, so is influenced by the hot continental Pannonian climate and therefore produces rather opulent and flavoursome reds, this one included. The Kiss family have held on to their 3 generations worth of wine making traditions while also embracing new ideas and being dynamic enough to always be at the forefront of Austrian winemaking expertise. Their wines are nothing short of extraordinary.

This wine is produced from 22-year-old vines from the Trift vineyard, and is commended as one of the best quality St Laurent’s Austria has to offer. It is also rather unusual, in that this wine has seen the inside of an oak barrel, which isn’t a common practice with this particular variety. At first you might think that it is a Pinot Noir, with the powerful nose of ripe summer berry fruit, but you will find firmer tannins and a richer structure. There’s also a delicate veil of smoke and lots of savoury, almost meaty notes followed by a generous helping of dark spicy fruit on the finish. This wine will keep you coming back for more, and will make the perfect match for wild boar, venison and mushroom dishes.

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Located in Burgenland · Austria

The vineyards that go into creating wines at Weingut Kiss are located on the slopes of the Leithagebirge, at around 130 metres above sea level and close to the small town of Jois. This Burgenland winery has been in the same family for four generations, with the current team......

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