Villa Mottura

Located in Puglia · Italy

Villa Mottura is located at a beautiful 19th-century estate in Tuglie, a small in southern Salento. The winery has been based here since 1927, when Pasquale Mottura took a look at the vineyards he had acquired through years of dedication and decided to set up what would eventually become one of Salento’s leading wineries.

From its very beginnings, Villa Mottura has been dedicated to nurturing native vine varieties such as Primitivo and Negroamaro and preserving ancient winemaking techniques. Success came quickly to the new winery: by the 1940s, Mottura wines were being sent to Rome, Milan and Naples in large hooped barrels, to an audience that prized these Salento wines. Continuing its trailblazing, the company later became one of the first to bottle its own products in the 1960s.

The Villa Mottura of today has been handed down from father to son across four generations, and become known as a leading producer of Salento fine wines. Tradition lives on in processes like slow ageing in oak barriques and tonneaux, while also bringing in modern technological innovations and professional skills. As the winery has grown it has maintained a belief that modernity can be combined with tradition, and that large quantities can still be kept at the highest quality.