San Cassiano

Located in Italy

Through his job as a tenant farmer Albino Sella acquired several hectares of land in 1964. From the 1980s onwards, the estate grew to reach four hectares of wines and 3000 olive trees by the year 2000, under the management of Albino’s grandson Mirko Sella.

In 2004 Mirko founded Azienda Agricola San Cassiano, an estate now expanded again to include 14 hectares of vineyards and seven of olive trees, along with an oil mill and wine cellar. 

The wines and olive oils here are a reflection of the estate’s traditions and passions – the current team are mindful of respecting the environment as much as possible, maintaining a relationship to their place and their past, and preserving typical notes of the terroir in their products.

The growing environment here is a rich one, and therefore chemical interference is kept to a minimum both in the vineyard and in the winery. Grapes ripen well in the summer sun, before being placed on frames where the climate boosts the level of natural sugar – the result is an intensely flavourful grape that forms an excellent concentration of flavours in the wines.