Chateau de Plaisance

Located in Loire · France

In the heart of Anjou noir, on the terroirs of Chaume, quart de Chaume and Savennières, organic farming since 1995 and biodynamic since 2008, Plaisance is a rarity.

Taken over from the Rochais family (owner since 1960) by Vanessa Cherruau, a young 32-year-old native of Angers. Plaisance is a story of the heart: a place, a meeting, a soul. And the potential of this thousand-year-old terroir becomes obvious.

The adventure begins on September 12, 2019 with a baby in the womb and half of a new team under the elbow. A crazy project. An unconscious dream.

A rare plot consisting only of crus where the Chenin mainly present (80%) is expressed in the soils of Schist, Spilite, Sandstone and Poudingue.
​A chenin that moves, versatile and so fascinating. A few Cabernet Francs and Cabernet Sauvignons (the only ones from the Butte de Chaume) complete this playground.

Our quest is that of reaching the soul. The wine must move, vibrate with an intention, a texture, a color, a grain, a smoothness.

It is a choreography: the wine of the soul. Energy, grace, and all the elements that compose it in harmony. Chaume is like a star dancer: athletic yet slender.

As on stage, the efforts produced must not be visible, what remains is elegance and complexity, fluidity of movement. Everything should seem obvious. Easy.

Throughout the year, we make sure to accompany the vines with kindness, never rushing them, always listening to them, respecting their rhythm and that of the moon cycles. Without prejudice, there are no rules, we adapt our techniques for each plot, and serving as a draft, our control plots, which do not receive any intervention. Observation is our only guide.