Cantine Di Marzo

Located in Campania · Italy

The old Italian saying ‘good blood tells no lies’ is one that seems particularly pertinent for Cantine Di Marzo, a vineyard that has maintained its individual identity and quality since the 17th century.

The estate’s founded Scipione di Marzo arrived in Tufo in 1647 after escaping from the plague that was ravaging his hometown of San Paolo Belsito. He brought with him Greco di Nola vines and planted them in this new place, thereby creating the new Greco di Tufo variety. Since those first days, the estate has used its own nursery to nurture its vines, keeping the genetic inheritance of the vines almost unchanged for centuries.

In this way, the estate preserves its great heritage while also bringing in modern technology. Winemaker Ferrante di Somma oversees this process, which results in wines of a truly unique character.