Ca Dei Maghi

Located in Veneto · Italy

The roots of Ca Dei Maghi can be traced back to 1800, when the Fasoli Fedrigo family first started their wine business in Negrar. In the 1950s, production moved to a small farm in the Valpolicella hills, close to Fumane, where Fernando and Luigina set up not only a winery but also an early version of the agriturismo stay that is now so popular.

Since those early days, the winery has expanded to add more vineyards to the original historic ones – the farm now manages plots in nearby villages Camparsi, Monte Sant’Urbano and Monte Santoccio. The ethos remains traditional, however, with an emphasis on making the best of the local terroir and providing good food for guests.

Paolo Creazzi is the latest member of the family to run the winery; his aim is to produce wines with distinct characters, bringing out the best of the Valpolicella style.