Grapes for this Syrah are sourced from a vineyard of undisputed pedigree; it produces the Sons of Sugarland, Boschkloof Epilogue and Van Loggerenberg Graft. The vines are situated at roughly 300m above sea level, are east facing (the only one in the region) and frequently covered in cloud. The soil consists of decomposed Polkadraai granite, high in quartz silicate. All of these factors closely emulate the Cote Rotie.

100% of the grapes were kept as whole-bunches and placed in an open top bin, foot-stomped and then fermented. One pump-over was done per day in order to maintain cap health. After fermentation the wine was pressed and transferred to old 500l French oak barrels where it spent 10 months and underwent malolactic fermentation.

This Stellenbosch Syrah vineyard located on Karibib has very quickly risen into significance as it produces some of the best Syrah in the country – perpetually covered in clouds, the vineyard sits at the top of Karibib against a strip of fynbos, 300m above sea level. The vines lie in coarse decomposed Polkadraai granite, high in quartz silicate which makes for fast draining soils and concentrated grapes – characteristically peppery, filled with herbal aromatics such as juniper, thyme, lavender and violets.