Weingut Ecker-Eckhof

Located in Wagram · Austria

Austrian winery Ecker-Eckhof takes its name from that of the family that runs it (Ecker), combined with the word for ‘crossroads’ (Eckhof), in a nod to its location in the picturesque village of Mitterstockstall. Bernhard Ecker and his partner Alexandra oversee a vineyard of 24 hectares, continuing the legacy of Bernhard’s parents, Johann and Marianne, by producing authentic and characterful wines that have attracted national and international attention.

The Eckers’ heritage can be further noted in the company’s logo, which features the ‘Hiata star’. Bernhard’s grandfather Johann was one of Stockstall's last ‘wine keepers’, a traditional vineyard manager who guarded both the grapes and the areas between the vines. This role was known as ‘hiata’ in eastern Austria, and given the icon of a ‘hiata star’ – this now features proudly in the Ecker-Eckhof logo.