Tenute Sella

Located in Piemonte · Italy

Northern Piedmont estate Tenute Sella has been in the Sella family since 1671, when Comino Sella purchased his first vineyards in Lessona, at the foot of the Biella Alps. 

The family’s main business had previously been as textile makers, but they found further success in the wine business, helping to establish the Lessona area as one of Italy’s most important wine areas by the start of the 20th century.

It hasn’t all been an uphill curve, however – there are only about 20 hectares of vineyards remaining in this area, and current CEO/winemaker Riccardo Giovannini is keen to restore confidence in the potential of the Lessona vineyards. Conditions can be tricky here, with the Alps influencing a fairly wet climate, but the iron-rich soils are ideal for adding a hint of minerality to the finished wines.

The growing approach here is a low-impact and traditional one, with no insecticides used and separate picking and vinification processes for each plot making harvest a long-drawn-out process. Winemaking technology, however, has been brought into the modern era, with the old cellar fitted out with contemporary technology to ensure great quality across the finished wines.