Telmo Rodriguez

Located in Navarra · Spain

Telmo Rodriguez, known as one of Spain’s leading winemakers, founded the company that takes his name in 1994, working alongside two partners to create garnacha wines from old bush vines in Navarra.

What was once a small operation with a single aim has since expanded hugely, restoring forgotten and neglected vineyards in under-appreciated parts of the country. The company now creates wines in many areas across Spain – from Rioja all the way down to Malaga – focusing primarily on native grapes like monastrell and godello.

The company’s portfolio now includes several labels in different areas, covering a total of around 197 acres of vines from 43 different grape varieties. All vineyards are managed according to the same biodynamic methods, using bush vines in the traditional Spanish way and replanting using massal selections from existing vineyard material.