Located in Mendoza · Argentina

Sottano’s winery is located in Perdriel, in the foothills of the Andes mountains and part of the Mendoza wine-growing region. The estate covers two hectares of land, with 15,000 square metres dedicated to native species alongside the vines. The beautiful landscape formed part of the inspiration for architect Mauricio Sottano when he designed the winery – the design’s colours and materials echo those used in the surrounding area to give it a real sense of place.

The winery now uses a fully automated production process that allows it to maintain a precise level of quality control in the 800,000 litres of wine it produces each year. Wines are distributed among stainless steel tanks of different sizes before the best products are moved to the underground cellar where they are aged in oak barrels and later in the bottle.

Based on the belief that paying attention to the little details produces the best results, this is a winery that uses the highest level of technology to create some truly excellent fine wines.