Smalltown Vineyards

Located in Barossa Valley · Australia

Smalltown Vineyards is the result of a partnership between UK wine merchant Noel Young and Barossa Valley winemkaer Rolf Binder, who joined forces in 1993 to showcase the Barossa’s potential for classic Rhône varieties – and have a few laughs along the way…

When the pair started out in their partnership, mourvèdre and grenache were largely ignored grapes in this area – but their hard work has brought them back into the limelight as coveted varieties.Young and Binder use these grapes long with shiraz to craft a characterful range of varietals and blends – many with unusual names inspired by the cult films of Russ Meyer.

Over the years, the Smalltown team have built up strong relationships with a number of Barossa growers, giving them access to top-quality fruit to work with. A collaborative effort between growers and winemakers results in an intriguing range of wines that really highlight the vibrant flavours of Barossa Valley fruit.