Located in Tuscany · Italy

A classic Tuscan farmhouse has been the home of Selvapiana since 1827, when the estate was bought by Michele Giuntini Selvapiana. Although some aspects – such as the oil mill, carpentry and granaries – have fallen into disrepair, the manor house and cellar are still going strong, and it’s here that the current wine range is crafted.

Current owner Francesco Giuntini Antinori oversees an estate stretching across 240 hectares, of which 45 hectares are given over to vineyards and 31 to olive groves. His hard work has helped to restore the prestigious reputation of Chianti Rufina, which had rather fallen out of favour since its heyday in the 18th century.

The focus here is on three styles of red wine – as well as its Chianti Rufina vintage wines, the estate also produces impressive wines in the Chianti Rufina Riserva Bucerchiale and Chianti Rufina Riserva Fornace.

With five generations of the Giuntini family having passed through the estate, the farm’s management has recently been passed into the hands of the latest – Silvia and Federico Giuntini Masseti, who work closely alongside Franco Bernabei, Selvapiana's consultant oenologist since 1978, to preserve and build on Francesco’s work.