Santa Macarena

Located in Central Valley · Chile

This single-vineyard Pinot Noir comes from one of the most coastal vineyards in Chile. It is situated within the Leyda Valley, a sub-region of the San Antonio Valley, which is its itself part of the larger Aconcagua wine region. This small wine-producing region is just five kilometres from the Pacific Ocean, just south of Casablanca Valley and 85 kilometres from Santiago. The Humboldt current brings in morning mists and spring frosts similar to those associated with other well-known wine areas around the world such as Bordeaux and the Napa Valley.

To be at their best, grapes are carefully chosen and picked by hand early in the morning. Before alcoholic fermentation, they undergo a cold maceration process at 10ºC for several days to maximise the extraction of skin components. The alcoholic fermentation process is also kept at a low temperature (maximum of 25ºC) to avoid losing volatile (aromatic) compounds. Regular pumping over helps with further extraction of colour and skin components, before the wines are aged with oak to bring extra complexity and a gentle toasty character to the finished product.