Rosé Wine

Rosé Wine that goes well with Appetizers And Snacks

For many people, nothing says ‘summer’ like a cool glass of rosé wine. Perhaps that’s no surprise – this style of wine is synonymous with the sun-drenched scenery of Provence, although it’s produced in many parts of the world and can happily be consumed all year round. Without the centuries-old history of red or white wine, in the past rosé was often written off by wine enthusiasts as being too sweet or gimmicky to take seriously.

That’s no longer the case, as rosé has grown in popularity and started to develop its own unique personality, with a flavour spectrum ranging from sweet to dry. Each one of the Vineking collection of rosé wines has been selected for its excellent quality, whether you choose the famous Whispering Angel or a hidden gem from a less well-known winery.