Located in Rioja · Spain

Based in the town of Quel, in the Rioja Oriental, Queirón is a winery established by the Pérez Cuevas family, who also founded and run Bodegas Ontañón.

The estate’s location within the town’s Barrio de Bodegas is a historic one – the site dates back to the 18th century and is right at the heart of this winemaking town in the Cidacos Valley.

Traditionally, grapes grown here were gravity-fed from the vineyards above, with wines being crafted in caves at the bottom of the sandstone cliffs. In building his winery, owner Gabriel Pérez Cuevas centred it around an existing cave and introduced a modern four-level system that replicates the old gravity-flow method to handle the grapes with great care and gentleness.

Grapes for these wines come from more that 30 separate patches around Quel, including one plot dating back to 1892 and some of the highest-elevation in the whole of the Rioja DOC area.