Poggio al Lupo

Located in Toscano · Italy

In addition to Tenuta Sette Ponti in the heart of Chianti, Antonio Moretti also owns the wineries Podere Orma in Bolgheri and Poggio al Lupo in Maremma. On the "Wolf's Hill", the Dottore is assisted by the oenologist Carlo Ferrini, who is considered very innovative, and his assistant Gioia Cresti. The estate is located in an area of southern Tuscany where numerous other highly regarded winegrowers are active. In the 45-hectare, solidly financed farm, the top-class team of experts succeeds time and again in convincing the wine world with its competence and determination. But the terroir typical of the coastal areas also contributes to the class of the wines produced in Magliano in the south of the province of Grosseto. The range of only three products consists of a fresh Vermentino and two precious reds: the classic Morellino di Scansano – the Sangiovese grape is called Morellino in this growing area – and the single-varietal Cabernet Sauvignon Poggio al Lupo.

On one third of the area of the winery formerly known as Azienda Agricola Fornace, grapes are grown at a density of around 6,700 vines per hectare. The soils are rich in clay, gravel and fine stones. The most important vineyard reaches an altitude of 330 metres above sea level and is planted with Cabernet Sauvignon, Alicante, Petit Verdot and, more recently, Vermentino. The grapes at Poggio al Lupo are harvested by hand. Carlo Ferrini, who has worked for Castello di Brolio, Poliziano, Castello di Fonterutoli and Castello di Terriccio, among others, prepares wines of great maturity, with sophisticated tannins and rich in French oak. Longer maceration periods and a biological acid reduction are also among the characteristic features of the vinification. The IGT wine Poggio al Lupo was officially presented to the professional world for the first time in 2001 at the international wine trade fair Vinitaly in Verona. As remarkable as the quality is also the price of the noble drop. For some years now, wine lovers have had to pay between 35 and 40 euros for a bottle of this wine, which is often highly praised by critics.

Since 1996, Antonio Moretti has devoted himself to viticulture in his estates with special dedication and great care. With the intention of getting the best results out of the vines, the son of an architect and his top-class team of experts can regularly present outstanding drops that make the hearts of wine lovers around the globe beat faster.