Pazo Senorans

Located in Rias Baixas · Spain

Pazo Senorans Winery, in the Salnés Valley, is part of the Rías Baixas PDO. The winery was established in 1989, when Marisol Bueno and her husband Javier Mareque bought the pazo (a specific kind of Galician building) that now lends its name to the winery and the wine brand.

The vineyards here are spread across several different plots, all of which are within 10 kilometres of each other and close to the sea. The land is given over solely to the native Albariño grape, which thrives in ‘xabre’ soils with excellent drainage. Grapes are harvested by hand and selected within the vineyard before being immediately transported to the winery so that they arrive in perfect condition for the winemaking process.