Passing Giants

Located in Marlborough · New Zealand

The name Passing Giants is a poetic reference to the fickle climatic conditions that can make or break a wine harvest – and these are conditions that winemaker Samantha Bailey understands all too well.

A severe frost in November 2020 destroyed many of her vines’ young buds, with hailstorms and then a widespread drought then adding to the wild story of the 2021 harvest. Rather than raging at the clouds (those same clouds that give New Zealand its Maori name), she decided to make peace with them and pay homage with this range of organic wines.

It is, after all, those same climatic conditions that give the wines of the Marlborough area their individual characters, with Bailey drawing grapes from around the area's sub-regions and using her well-honed palate to craft blends that sing of the story of each vintage.