Located in Toscano · Italy

Many of Italy’s wineries can rightly claim to be part of historic estates – but very few are so well established that they have a mention in Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy. When the book was published in 1321, the estate was owned by the Ormannis, a Florentine family whose name still lives on through the modern winery. 

With an enviable position on the route from Poggibonsi to Castellina in Chianti, the estate was in strong demand, and was sold on to the Scarlatti family before being acquired by the Medicis in 18th century. Finally in 1819, it was sold on again – this time to Vincenzo Brini di Angelo, the ancestor of current owner Paola Brini Batacchi, who oversees 98 hectares of vines and olive groves at this beautiful Chianti location.