Oliver Zeter that goes well with Goat Cheese

Located in Pfalz · Germany

I'm not your typical winemaker, forced to balance a family winemaking tradition against my own vision. I consider myself lucky to have started from scratch. It lets me do what I want, pursuing perfection with no worries about stepping on anyone's toes but my own.

My brother makes his living importing a selection of the world's finest wines into the Pfalz. I take the opposite approach, producing Pfalz wines that make waves on the international stage. We complement each other perfectly, never getting in the other's way. So what binds us? Love and devotion to wine.

The French, as they so often do with all things wine, have a phrase that perfectly encapsulates what it is I do: I see myself as a "Négociant éleveur". In addition to the yield from my own vines, I buy grapes from all corners of the Pfalz, always from the best vineyards as managed by my partners. What a privilege it is to be able focus solely on wines that fit my own personal vision.

Yet the "we" — the back and forth with partners — is essential to making it all work. I rely on my strengths, supplemented by the synergies we create. Together we can achieve anything.

Curiosity, good judgment, conviction, a sense of adventure and 20 years of retail experience — that's what I bring to the table. My partners in turn bring years of experience and success in the vineyard.

What a blessed patch of earth, our beloved Pfalz. Expansive, fertile, full of life, open to the new and simply gorgeous. To live, love and work in such a place as this is nothing less than a gift.