Nanny Goat Vineyard

Located in Central Otago · New Zealand

The unusual name of Nanny Goat Vineyard comes from the wild goats that live in the mountainous terrain around Central Otago. Inspiration for the name came from an outing the owners took in 2004 to a restaurant high above Queenstown, where a gentle stroll after a good lunch (with good wine, of course) turned into a rather more challenging clamber than had been predicted – the group being teasingly likened to ‘a herd of nanny goats’.

It’s a suitable name on several levels, in fact, summing up the owners’ determination to adapt and thrive among the rugged surroundings and extreme weather of Central Otago – rather like their neighbours, the wild goats, have done for centuries.

The vineyard faces north east at around 270-290 metres above sea level, spread across two ancient terraces. These are trying conditions for producing world-class Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, with very hot summers followed by freezing cold winters. However, generations of farmers have improved the soil here, adding extra organic matter that leads to the current free-draining ground that’s ideal for vine growing.

Since releasing its first Pinot Noir wines in 2005, Nanny Goat Vineyard has worked hard to produce balanced and elegant wines that also allow the fruit to really shine through.