Nals Margreid

Located in Alto Adige · Italy

The history of Nals Margreid goes back to 1764, when the Campi estate was built in the location that now houses the winery. Winemaking has been part of the culture of this area for many centuries, with vineyards marking the landscape of this sweet spot between the Alps and the Dolomites.

The original Nals winery was established in 1932, later merging with Nals Margreid to form Nals Margreid in 1985. These days the winery is supplied by more than 130 families, who tend to around 160 hectares of vines spread across 14 areas. Vines grow on a variety of soils and at altitudes of 200-900 metres, creating a range of different microclimates – and consequently an interesting range of grapes with individual personalities for the winery team to work with.