The Mosnel winery sits in the heart of the Franciacorta region, at an estate that's home to the 16th-century winecellar and vineyards inherited by the Barboglio when they acquired the property in 1836.

The current winery was established by Emanuela Barboglio, who took the vineyards from a family project to a thriving business with an extensive vine planting project, adopting the new Franciacorta DOC designation in 1968. This designation paved the way for specialised growing of high-quality fruits.

What had been the Azienda Agricola Barzanò Barboglio became Mosnel in 1976, adopting a name taken from the local term for a pile of rocks (rather like the one the winery sits upon). Despite the name change, the heritage was preserved, with Emanuela’s children Giulio and Lucia now running the place and preserving the reputation of this venerable winery.

These fifth-generation winemakers are supported by a very capable team of staff and consultants, who create wines from the estate’s 41 hectares of vineyard, which are managed with organic methods.