Meerlust Estate

Located in Stellenbosch · South Africa

The pride of the Myburgh family since 1756, Meerlust Estate has long been known as a producer of world-class wines. Current manager Hannes Myburgh is the eighth-generation custodian of the estate and national monument, and remains dedicated to the traditional art of winemaking. 

Fifteen kilometres south of Stellenbosch and five kilometres from the brilliant blue waves of False Bay, Meerlust is centred around a historic manor house and classic wine cellar, and also features a bird sanctuary, dovecote and family cemetery. The estate is perfectly positioned for producing wines of exceptional character and complexity, and as a result Meerlust wines are made solely from grapes grown on the estate.

The soils here are generally Hutton and Clovelly soil types, with a deep and well-drained structure that affords the vines excellent drought resistance and helps to produce concentrated, complex flavours. This is further boosted by the climate, with ocean breezes and evening mists rolling in from the coast to cool the vineyards even in summer. As a result, grapes ripen slowly and develop full, concentrated varietal flavours.