Max Ferd Richter

Located in Mosel · Germany

The Max Ferd Richter estate has been managed by the same family since 1680, with current winemaker Constantin Richter at the helm of one of the central Mosel's leading producers of Riesling wines. The company now oversees 40 acres of vineyard and produces around 10,500 cases each year.

The approach here is to limit quantities to boost intensity, with a severe pruning process that sometimes involves a second cut in August in particularly prolific years. The hand-harvesting process takes place later than most growers, with three passes carried out to remove any inferior grapes and select ideal botrytis bunches or individual fruits for Auslese blends.

The individual characters of the wines are drawn out during a fermentation and maturation process carried out in traditional oak casks, with a close eye kept on temperature control to allow each wine to develop its full potential.