Marco Abella

Located in Priorat · Spain

Priorat wine is an exclusive and innovative product, but its name has been linked with wine for many centuries. The Cartoixa (Carthusian Monastery) of Scala Dei became the birthplace of wine-making in the DOQ Priorat region in the 12th century when the monks brought wine-growing knowledge and techniques with them from Provence. The wine-growing culture established itself quickly and developed over the centuries, with two indigenous grape varieties – Carignan and Garnacha – forming the majority of production both then and now.

The Marco family has been in the wine-growing business since at least the 15th century, preserving their  house and vineyards in Porrera even when they had to emigrate to Barcelona when phylloxera destroyed all the French vineyards in the late 19th century.

Current manager Joaquin Marco Revilla is the son of Ramon Marco Abella, an entrepreneur who founded what would go on to become of the area’s top vineyards. Joaquin now lives at the Porrera site with his wife Clotilde Moliner, where they combine traditional growing methods with new technology to produce high-quality wines, as well as instilling these enduring family values in their children.