Located in Veneto · Italy

Enrico Marcato was born into the world of wine at his family home, the Marcato winery in the Veneto region of northern Italy. After many years of working alongside his family, he decided to further his knowledge by studying Winemaking and Viticulture at the University of Milan, supporting his studies and gaining further career experience by working as a vineyard apprentice. This time took him to Wente Vineyards in Livermore, California for three months in 2001, and then to Wynns Winery in Coonawarra, Australia.

Upon graduating in 2003, Marcato returned to the family firm and became the Chief Winemaker, marking the start of an era that saw Marcato wines feature on the international market. Alongside this, he also shared his winemaking and marketing skills with Issyk winery in Kazakhstan, helping to train staff and rebuild the reputation the winery once had. These days, the winery is considered to be the best in Kazakhstan.

Enrico Marcato’s work with Marcato in Roncà came to an end in late 2014 when he started to plan projects that would form the next step in his winemaking career.