Located in Elgin · South Africa

Elgin, by the Cape South coast at Africa’s southern tip, is South Africa’s coolest wine-growing region. At an altitude of 450 metres and with views over the Atlantic Ocean sits Iona, the highest winery in Elgin and South Africa’s coolest growing-season vineyard. 

That special location leads to a unique microclimate: the combination of the short distance from the Atlantic  and the rapid increase in altitude means that prevailing south east winds roll across the vines and form misty clouds that blanket the farm on warm days. This protects the grapes from the fierce African sun while also allowing gentle sunlight through – resulting in a slow ripening process that leads to beautifully developed flavours, ideal acidity and moderate alcohol levels.

The Iona vineyard is located on the last remaining portion of an ancient river valley formed during the post-glacial geomorphic activity. The soil’s mix of sandstone, sedimentary deposits and quartzites is perfect for growing vines, allowing the roots to penetrate the deep clay underlay and avoiding water stress. Preserving this environment is important, so the winery employs as many sustainable techniques as possible, including beneficial insects, composting, raptor poles, physical weed removal, vine collars and cover crops between the vine rows.